Sunrooms have become increasingly popular with homeowners. You can get more living space from your home while also enjoying an outdoor setting without having to deal with the elements. However, heating and cooling your sunroom may be an issue because the room was built after the home was constructed.

Best Heating & Cooling Options For A Sun Room

HVAC Options for a Sunroom

Expand Your Current HVAC System

You can expand your current HVAC system to include your sunroom. This will allow you to manage the temperature in that room from your main thermostat. You can even incorporate smart technologies so that it is easier to manage. This solution can be more expensive than other heating and cooling solutions, but it has the most benefits.

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans offer homeowners a way to easily cool and warm their rooms. During summer you can put your fan on its regular setting, and it will move the air through the room, keeping it cool. During winter, put the fan setting on refers, and it will push the warmer air near the ceiling downwards towards the living space. Oliver Heating and Cooling offers electrician services and can easily install your ceiling fans for you.

Mini Split System

A ductless mini-split is a small, partially indoors and partially outdoors unit. It can heat and cool a smaller space without interacting with the HVAC unit in the main part of the house. This is a very convenient way to get air conditioning and heating into your sunroom. Oliver can help you select the right unit for your home and have it installed quickly

Portable Cooling Unit

A portable heating and cooling unit is the last option for best heating cooling for a sunroom. Portable units are relatively inexpensive, and they do work well. However, these units can be a bit bulky, and they will take up space in your sunroom. This is something you must consider when you are thinking about using a portable system.

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